Conan Exiles is an open world, sandbox survival game, similar to games like RUST, DayZ, H1Z1 or Ark. The game has had a commendable amount of success recently, from major streamers to YouTube personalities like maxmoefoe and PewDiePie playing the game and advertising it, along with close to half a million (500,000) copies sold to date, makes this sandbox game one of the best in the market.

Other than the genital physics and the Endowment slider in Conan Exiles, the game features a lovable amount of monsters, predators and unique NPCs to -even at this point- be enjoyable and surprisingly unique, despite similarities to Ark Survival Evolved.

What I love about Conan Exiles are the feeling of restlessness; hunger, thirst or just wanting to go out and mine rock, chop wood or hunt deer makes the game worth the play, and definitely increases the playtime. Unlike ARK though, personally I believe this game is better, just because it is not obnoxious, flashy and gimmicky and there are many features which makes it better than ARK at this point, one would be that it is better optimized.

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The genital physics and the Endowment slider in Conan Exiles was put there very strategically; even though this game is in early access and there aren’t that many major features so far, the genital physics is an amazing attraction for people, it may look silly but there are little things (or massive things) which make the game truly worthwhile and enjoyable.

In Conan Exiles, the genital physics also makes for good Role Playing material as well as a good distraction, if you’ve ever fought a player in game, they will be distracted by you massive (or equally as small) endowment or privates, makes for a hell of a fine and enjoyable fight.

Role Playing in Conan Exiles is another fun thing to do, and there is a lot of it too! There are servers where you have to Role Play; there you will see players interacting in completely different noises, as a wizard or a slave master or even a great warrior. RP truly makes the game yours, giving you a wide set of imaginative scenarios and letting you be your favorite character from a movie or series.

It isn’t a surprise why this game got as popular as it did, even though it got a 6/10 on steam and a lot of reviewers think this game isn’t the best around, but for players it may as well be, it is extremely fun and challenging at the same time and one of the best sandbox survival games of all time.