Butcher Demo Steam Available with Three New Levels for Free


Whenever you watched some game play footage of butcher, you always realized that it was somehow promoted as a side scrolling doom, but, not now. As now you will, of course, need not watch someone else play, in order to run the game. It is all because the recent update provides the free demo for the whole process to begin with. The free demo is available on stream and also the DRM version from the indie DB.

Along with the free demo, another exciting feature provided in the game is the inclusion of three more levels. And important to note is that the demo for these three levels has also been provided along with the demo of the previous levels. Those who have already bought the game and started playing can also benefit from the updates. They can do this by simply starting a new game in a temporarily save slot. They can also select them individually from the game’s level browser.

Another thrilling news is that the game is available at a discount of 50%, so if you enjoyed playing the demo the next step will be to buy it for $4.99 and start playing…

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