First of all, it may be true that gamers enjoy multiplayer games a lot. But, the simple fact that there is such a huge stress on singleplayer games especially in the recent years show that singlepalyer games are as loved as they ever were. We have selected a top range of Singleplayer games which you can play, basically forever and still want more.

The games chosen in this list are on the basis of user input, reviews and replayablity of the game.

Top Games You Can Play Forever

The Elder’s Scroll V: Skyrim

Ah, Skyrim. The game which completely reshaped the nature of RPGs. Even though Skyrim’s older brother The Elder’s Scroll Oblivion is also worthy to be on the list but Skyrim will always take the cake. The reason why Skyrim is such an amazing piece of work is the fact that it has an amazing, open world full of well crafted side quests.

You can get lost in the Skyrim world without ever having to complete the main story for hundreds of hours, and the range of weapons and the extremely fun combat and leveling system adds this game to the top list.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Who can forget this 2015 Game of the Year. After personally playing through this games 2 times spending easily over 200 hours in total, i can completely say why this game is as amazing as it is.

Amazing side quests, amazing story, amazing combat and an immersive atmosphere along with a great music track, makes this game a beast for playthroughs. Even if you just go through the story, you can easily spend over 30 hours playing through the game or move if you do a lot of side quests and missions.

Potions, signs and a wide variety of enemies makes this game a true worth for the money and the replayablity level is extremely high.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is undeniable successor to Fallout 3. We have seen in the past that Fallout series is known for their atmospheric and addictive game play but Fallout 4 totally takes the cake when it comes to giving respect to the single player as much as games need to, a wide variety of guns, a large selection of side missions and the ability to build bases and setup strongholds, taking over locations and making them theirs and just running around killing NPCs is just too fun.

Released by Bethesda but unlike skyrim, the Fallout 4 story is more in depth and well made and actually full of surprises. Finishing the game just for the story is also as worth it as spending your time exploring the vastness of the barren, post-apocalyptic world.

Shadow of Mordor

If you are a lord of the rings fan, you will have probably enjoyed SOM a lot, this game is endlessly playable. Having an amazing stealth and parkour system and defined combat along with a very detailed and fun mainstory as well as a lot to do when it comes to side missions. This game is definitely worth the play if you want to get hooked and play it for the next years again and again.

There is a lot to say about this game, you are essentially living a Lord of the Rings fantasy while playing this game and probably fan-boying all the way though it.

7 days to die

Even though 7 days to die has multiplayer, you will hardly want to play it. The singleplayer of the game is just very indepth and addicting. With the crafting system being very interrelated and indepth, you will have a blast running around and collecting the required materials. there are also tons of craftable items and a base building system which essentially makes you play the game how you want it.

7 days to die is very replayable, first time through the game the difficulty of the game gets you, and the sheer fun of barely surviving keeps you hooked. One of the best and perhaps most addictive singleplayer sandbox games.

Dark Souls Series

Dark souls as we all know is difficult. And well, there is also a lot to do in it, secrets, weapons, items, and armor are all things we want to find better of when playing. It is indeed true when someone says they have ended dark souls several times, just because it is so addicting and entertaining. The actual rush of the game gets to keep playing it no matter how much you hate it while doing so, you’ll always want more.

There are 3 games in the dark souls series right now and a PS4 exlusive bloodbourne, which can also make this list.


Are we missing any games or any games you would like to add to the list? Comment below and we will happily update the list!