League of extraordinary gamers or LXG is a ‘premium’ gaming lounge is one of the best ones in India. It was founded about 4 years ago. This café’ rose quickly to fame and is very popular amongst the Indian community.

According to their website, LXGINDIA is the largest and best gaming Café chain in India with tens of thousands of registered users along with a Korean-style gaming environment full of amenities including air-conditioning, food shacks and spectator sitting area.

The Café’ is a PC gamers wet dream with over 90 games available to be played on their core i5 4th gen systems with a range of graphics cards from the GTX 760 – the GTX 960ti, perfect for 1080p gaming. The café’ also has a console gaming area with over 10 of the newest console games available.

Some of the PC games:

Dota 2

Counterstrike: Global Offensive

League of Legends

Far Cry: Primal

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Witcher 3

Dirt 3

Some of the console games:

Grand theft auto: V

Fifa 16


Mortal Kombat X

Their website also boasts a premium optic fiber network system with over 2 million hours of playtime has been recorded reaching a speed of up to 250mbps.Not only does this amazing state-of-the-art internet gaming house/café help the rising e-sport trend in India by providing top-quality Korean level gaming privileges to gamers but has also allowed hosting of local tournaments. Many tournaments including the ESWC DOTA 2 tournament and the local DOTA 2 championships have been hosted here.

Conclusively,this brand name is not only providing quality gaming with the rising inclination towards the e-sports scene in India but making a premium and coin able name for themselves.